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Dear Colleagues,


Welcome to the official web-site of the National Association of Construction Engineering Consultants (NACEC)!


NACEC unites engineering consultants, who are ready to be directly involved in establishing a civilized model of the engineering market in Russia.


In 2012, Vladimir Putin, the President, gave instruction to the Government to prepare the strategy of developing the engineering industry in Russia in order to bridge the gap in technologies and processes compared with developed countries, with respect to EPC(M)-competencies and to ensure systemic support to technology intensive projects by Russian engineering companies.


Focus on development and implementation of Russian technologies in such industries as power sector, oil and gas industry, metallurgy, military industrial sector creates, on the one hand, a favourable environment for growth of Russian engineering companies and, on the other hand makes those companies apply a systemic approach and comprehensive solutions, which meet contemporary requirements of fast growing production facilities.


NACEC tasks are to contribute to establishing favorable conditions for developing the engineering business, which is quite young in Russia. This contribution is effected by lawmaking, implementation of professional standards and rules, training and certification of engineering consultants, who will be able to conduct expert review of a project and to support it from the inception stage to a facility handover to a client.


We are a young association, but as of today, we gained quite good results: working in the Interim Commission of the Federation Council, we developed a draft law on engineering activity. Adoption of this law will allow eliminating many contradictions, which still exist in regulatory and legal frameworks from the transition years, and it will streamline relations with clients and contractors.


In addition to work in lawmaking authorities, NACEC representatives participate in working groups of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Union of Builders of Russia, where they serve as providers of interests and demands of the industry, and market players.


Today we have almost ten thousand members and we believe, that combining our efforts, we will be able to establish comfortable environment for efficient operation of engineering companies and for development of a contemporary market of engineering services.


Best regards,

First Vice-President, Union of Builders of Russia

Gennady Sakharov